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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Walkthrough Hunter Class Build Video Game Guide (PC)

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Walkthrough Hunter Build Guide

Hunters received a significant change to their previous mechanics, while it’s not game-breaking (or the ever-feared “nerf”), it will take a while to adjust to the changes. The two big changes to hunters are the removal of ammo, and the replacing of mana with focus. All hunters’will appreciate the fact they no longer have to purchase ammo: one time or another, we’ve all run into the dreaded out-of-ammo message, and, as Murphy’s Law din tates, at the worst possible time.

The change to focus is going to take some getting used to, and shot rotations will have to be adjusted accordingly. Some shots, such as Aimed Shot, drain nearly half the focus bar, while others such as Steady Shot, are used to generate focus Now, the focus (so to speak) has shifted to maintaining a steady, and high, DPS output, as opposed to unloading with everything you have and hoping the target is dead before you’re out of mans.

Goblin, Human, Undead,Worgen

Cobra Shot: Deals Nature damage in addition to weapon damage.
Aspect of the Fox: Enable the hunter to fire Steady Shot and Cobra Shot while moving.
Camouflage: Places the hunter and pet in stealth for one flute. Breaks upon damage done or received. While stealthed, the hunter is still able to lay traps.

With the change to talent trees, some skills will only be available to that tree. Aimed Shot for instance, is now a skill only available to Marksmanship hunters. Overall, the Trees have been “streamlined” combining some talents together, moving a skill out of the tree and making it a “core skill” for that tree (Aimed Shot, Bestial Wrath and Explosive Shot), or general rearranging of the tree.

All hunters now start with a pet at level one, as determined by their race:

Human: Wolf
Night Elf: Striped Saber Dwarf: Bear
Draenei: Moth
Worgen: Mastiff (wolf)

Ore: Boar
Undead: Spider
Troll: Raptor Tauren: Tallstrider
Blood Elf: Dragonhawk
Goblin: Crab

At level one, pets are always set to ”Defensive; reacting only when the hunter engages an enemy. Once the hunter reaches level 10, he or she will then be able to set the pet’s “attitude” to Aggressive Defensive, or Passive. as well as issue the standard pet commands of: Attack and Follow. while Move To replaces Stay. Additionally, hunters are now able to keep a roster of 25 pets; of these 25, five pets are in the “Active- rotation allowing the hunter to swap pets anywhere in the world, so long as the current pet is dismissed, and the stables have been greatly expanded, since they are no able to hold 20 additional pets. Pets placed in the stable will have their talent points reset.

Hunters will still remain a constant source of steady DPS for groups and raids, though the uththge teem mana to focus should allow the hunter to perform for longer durations and keep pumpin-2 out the DPS even when the rest of the group is out of mana. Happy hunting!

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