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Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Walkthrough Video Gameplay Guide (Wii)

What can I say about Tron


The Rabbids are about to become history!
Remember when you learned in school about how Christopher Columbus discovered America only to encounter a bunch of Rabbids drinking fish juice? Or when Neil Armstrong was attempting to land on the moon in 1969 but got knocked off course by demented bunnies smashing disco balls in outer space? 

OK, so maybe that isn’t the way those events were explained in history class, but you’ll get to experience them nonetheless in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, the latest minigame collection starring everybody’s favorite screaming, psychotic lagomorphs. The minigames are divided into five general types—shooting, flying, foot racing, bouncing, and fishing—but they run the gamut when it comes to their historical inspirations. For example, in Assembling-Bling Line the Rabbids try to build Model T cars; in Bozo the Sphinx they attempt to construct a pyramid out of jelly; in Way-Over Layover the Rabbids interfere with the Wright Brothers’ flying experiments; and in HowDyaLikeDemApples they toss crates at Sir Isaac Newton as he’s attempting to discover the law of gravity. 

If you’re the winner of a given minigame, you’ll have the opportunity to keep history as it originally was (more or
less) or opt to completely rewrite it like only the Rabbids can.  Additional stand-alone minigames (such as singing and dancing contests), competitive and co-op play, and 38 Rabbid costumes (ranging from Napoleon to Ghandi) add to Travel in Time’s party appeal.

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