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Has PlayStation Already Won the VR War?

No the PlayStation VR hasn’t. But I do suspect that they have a really good chance of selling more units than both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Sony has a much bigger install base of VR ready machines than the other two and that will play a big role when it comes to adoption of VR.

Another point is that Sony themselves will also be directly making VR content in the form of not only games, but MOVIE experiences. I can easily imagine certain VR movies being made by Sony Pictures Entertainment similar to the movie “The Walk” etc. They could also easily create a VR Home similar to what we had on the PS3 with Home, but this time more fledge out. With PlayStation Vue you can easily see how it would be easy for Sony to allow you to watch the Champions League Final in PPVR (PPV VR) and you get front row seats for like $100, instead of having to book time off work than travel to Europe and pay for hotel and stuff. You just experience all of that from the comfort of your home just by turning on your PS4.

Ease of access, Lowest Entry cost, Unified Closed Development Environment where the specs are always the same, plus the PlayStation Brand are all HUGE factors in Sony’s favor.

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