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  • PSN Down on PS4 & PS3, Sony Confirms

    Posted by on September 19, 2015 under News
    Pretty much. Here's what's going to happen Since PSN is down 1 group of people are going to say it sucks and act like it goes down all the time.Then when XBL goes down these same people are either nowhere to be found or they pretend it's normal for these things to happen from time to time.Gotta love the flip flopping and double Click here to view full article Related articles Nightfall: Esca... more.
  • Major Nelson Has Something “Super Cool” for PAX Prime; Currently “Deep Deep Deep” in E3 Planning

    Posted by on April 21, 2014 under News
    Phil Spencer posing whilst filming a property programme by Stoke-on-Trent railway station. This years E3 will be way different than last years. MS doing some pre- E3 planning and a surprise at PAX. This something that would never happen under Don Mattrick's administrative. This is small proof of Phil Spencer's positive agenda coming into play. Honestly, with the comments that Major Nelson made ... more.

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