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GTA 6: Leaked Cover Art! Grand Theft Auto VI COVER ART?

Yes, this image was leaked today from Brazil. From a fan? No, from a time traveler who wastes his power aiding the world with poor scrapbooking skills and a probably a cracked copy of adobe photoshop from 1996 to create never to be used game cover-art for games in the future.   Even with ones limited knowledge of GTA in general, the stolen art objects on this collage like assemblage are clearly mind numbingly familiar GTA 2, 4, and 5 images.  Along with that, this poor hoax creator’s attempt failed to recognize that a roman six (6) is actually a VI, not just a V with a six after it (good grief).


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Just as embarrassing is this story’s attempt at a humor driven reason for wasting reader’s time of an actual GTA 6 image has been uncovered for public consumption.

We have posted this in the ‘Paws Button‘ section for odd, funny, or bizarre culture driven video gaming stories for this same reason).  This is what was intended based on the blurb from the sourced article itself:

A user has posted a bizarre picture announcing the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6 in the Brazilian market. Apparently the developers decided to abandon the mad rush of the latest technology, preferring to get it out on PlayStation 2, just a couple of generations back.

The little silly photo that is getting so much attention was posted to Reddit from a bootleg stand in Brazil –  Grand Theft Auto VI stars Summer Glau, mixes Roman numerals and European digits, and is out now on PlayStation 2.   It was actually posted to Imgur and then to Reddit, as to what is actually on the disc, no one will ever know even if it does appear to be the bootleg copy claiming itself as the next installment in the franchise.

Per PCGamesMN we finally get to the bottom of this:

To judge a game by its cover, Summer Glau channels her brief run as a Terminator for the series’s first-ever live action performance. And unless it’s a reference to car engines, someone at Rockstar needs to figure out which numerals to use before they print the box art. (Actually, is there even a box there? It looks like some paper wrapped around a disc and put in a plastic bag.)

As of ten months ago, the real GTA VI is in pre-production at Rockstar. Their next big project will be Red Dead Redemption 2, due this Autumn, so don’t expect GTA VI until at least next year, or more likely, later still. With how well GTA V’s online mode continues to do, I doubt Rockstar are in any massive rush.


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