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Disney’s Tangled: The Video Game Walkthrough IN 3D for (Wii)

You know that one 3D Princessey Disney type movie that you’ve possibly even watched the movie trailer for? You know the one where there’s this one guy and like a princess with all bunches of hair? Well, to start things off right, below is the trailer for the game based on the film. Disney Interactive Studios has released the preview trailer for Disney Tangled: The Video Game.

(Above) Disney Interactive Studios provides us with the trailer for Disney Tangled: The Video Game, a story-based adventure game inspired by the world and characters featured in the upcoming 3D animated Disney film Tangled, an action-packed comedy adventure for audiences of all ages. Featuring Rapunzel, a feisty teen with incredibly long magical hair, and Flynn Ryder, a charming rogue, the video game allows players to embark on a journey to fulfill one of Rapunzel’s lifelong dreams to see the lights she’s admired from her Tower window. Disney Tangled: The Video Game launched this holiday season, for PC, Wii and DS.

“Chuck” star Zachary Levi goes virtual in Disney Interactive Studios’ new Disney Tangled: The Video Game for Wii and Nintendo DS. Fans can join Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in this humorous and engaging video game inspired by one of the most hilarious and hair-raising tales ever told. Players will set off on a series of action-packed adventures as they help Rapunzel, a feisty teen with incredibly long hair, and Flynn Rider, the kingdom’s most charming bandit, solve puzzles, compete in mini-games and complete a variety of tasks. Levi talks about gaming in this exclusive video interview.

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  • Bill
    April 2, 2014
    Reply #1

    Thanks for all the Disney Games help like this and Bolt and UP. No where else can you actually find decent help and my kids drive me nuts if we can’t figure it out!

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