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UnHoly_One1h ago

Every new console is what? The best one ever?

Um. No, definitely not.

The Switch, the Wii U, the Wii, the PS3.... I wouldn't say any of those were the best anything when they came out.

Jinger1h ago


Like i have said before, they can criticize MS' software support, I get that, but to deny that the X is a quality piece of hardware just really shows their fanboy colors. The bar has been set, and if it makes them feel better this will just make Sony come out swinging harder with PS5 with a 4k/60fps console. Competition is great like that.

Silly gameAr19m ago(Edited 19m ago)


That's bs and you know it. There are plenty of xbox fanboys on this site, and have been for years. They were just in hiding until the X1 came out.

And, it's one thing the praise the X1X if it deserves the praise, but it's a completely different thing to act like it's the greatest console ever and sound like you're shilling it out.

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