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HeyNowChillax34m ago(Edited 28m ago)

It's a good system for 1440p-4K couch gaming with most existing titles still running at 30fps to achieve those resolutions. Still, a nice system for $499 if you have been waiting to upgrade. For those willing to run a few wires and upgrade their PC while also building their Xbox library via play anywhere titles, the future is now at 60fps at any resolution your system is designed to perform at. PS4 Pro stands alone with their excellent exclusives available now and number of AAA titles to come in 2018.

Multiplat patches have been a mixed bag for consoles. Titanfall 2 runs better on pro, expecting a fix for that on X1X, while Lord of the Rings uses high res assets on X1X over pro, which I'm also expecting a fix for when the high res pack is available. Assassin's creed origins was a let down for both console "beasts". Comparison released today,

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