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Will the Death Stranding Bubble Burst?

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I_am_Batman1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

This is just how Kojima does it. To understand why people are hyped about these trailers and why his fans are willing to search for the smallest hints in them you need to first understand Hideo Kojima's legacy. He likes to give his dedicated fans some tidbits but he also like to use them as a red herring. When asked by Jordan Vogt-Roberts for advice how he should go about making the MGS movie Kojima said: "Do the same thing as me, betray your audience.".

Moby dick studios, P.T. as a Silent Hills announcement, The tanker mission demo in MGS 2 and the reveal that you play as Raiden for most of the game are some examples. You may not like it but his fans love it.

All of this wouldn't matter if his games wouldn't turn out to be great but looking at his track record it's absolutely absurd to compare this to the No Man's Sky situation.

From the article:
"I mean, after the 2018 Tokyo Game Show, there were news stories about Death Stranding’s release date not changing, even though the game does not have a release date. Let me repeat that. It was considered news that Kojima said the release date for the game, a game that has not yet been given a release year, let alone specific date, has not changed. That people were making a big deal over something so trivial was crazy."

The game has an internal release date:
And Kojima has given a more vague release window to the public in saying it's coming out before the 2020 Olympics and before the date the movie Akira is set in (2019). Meaning the game release window was announced as 2018-2019 early on.

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