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Why Is Sony Turning Off Gravity Rush 2’s Servers After a Year?

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@Flaming_Kaiser Dude, why throwing shade? You don't have to believe me because I have proof.
Allow me to present my evidence — If you check the forums under the category "PS4 recommendation thread" on this very site, I posted the following (comment #467 on that thread) on Tuesday evening (at least here in NA it was Tues eve. There is a time stamp on the post that should show the time of the post depending where you live) and I quote myself: "Okay, so I have a 'buy 2, get one free' coupon that I can use, so here are a list of some games I've been considering. But I need to pick just 3. Which 3?
Witcher 3, Gravity Rush 2, ME: Andromeda, The Last Guardian, Yakuza 0, Doom, Watch Dogs 2, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate."
Not too long after I posted that question, you'll find that @KratosMD replied to my post recommending, in fact, that Gravity Rush 2 be one of the three games I buy. I respect his opinion, so the game moved up a couple notches in my head.
Then about a day and a half later, Thursday morning in NA (check the time stamp up top) this article was posted. Shortly after it was posted, I made the comment here: "... this was on my short list of possible buys his weekend ..."

So you'll see, your honor, this very website has indisputable evidence that indeed, I was considering buying this game in the near future. If it please the court, I rest my case. ?

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