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Why Are Shooters Stuck in the Past?

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strayanalog1d 4h ago

Not so much stuck in the past as it is an easy cash-in on the over-romanticized "last great war" of the twentieth century to a gaggle of new teenagers.‎
The industry, as well as the FPS, is now old enough to recycle itself, but the problem isn't the setting it is the advancement of the genre.
More focus on the single-player aspect instead of a multiplayer deathmatch would help push the genre along. Giving new paint to another way to shoot nazis online doesn't help anything, we're just paying for settling.‎

Seraphim38m ago

indeed. I remember when WW games were a dime a dozen and the market was over saturated which lead to not only a change in thinking but games like Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and Battlefield 2. Along with the complete removal of the Medal of Honor series.

If you think we're seeing too many video games go back and look at the film industry. There was a TON of WW films dropping in the late 90s to early 2000s. Along with shows like Band of Brothers and it's sequel, The Pacific. Or for that matter look at PS1-PS2 era video games related to WW. Medal of Honor annually, CoD annually, and whatever else there was.

And to your point strayanalog. Story driven WW games. Even these old classics lacked a story back when campaign was the feature or sometimes even single player only games. There are so many great stories a studio could intertwine into a WW game. Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, take real life stories and weave them into a story driven WW game. Of all the WW video games I have ever played, and I played every single one back when, I can not remember one single game that had a memorable story. It was basic FPS 101 placed in a WW setting. It was always a generic, lackluster story and while the game was good, it was fun, it was nothing more than another FPS.

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