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Which Racing Sim will be Most Successful This Year?

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moldybread15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

@Apocalypse Shadow
"Games like Forza received great reviews before. The result was that it was forgotten anyway and the only way to get rid of those warehouse copies was to bundle it with 4 other games during peak holiday seasons."

Does Sony pay you to continually go on the attack of their main competitor any time someone says anything bad or soemthing you don't agree with about your platform? Forza 7 is not free. Project Cars 2 is not free. Reviewers for the most part liked those games and thankfully we don't have you reviewing Forza.

"GT got lower reviews but was played and purchased more and respected more by manufactures, race car drivers and gamers. The FIA approached Kaz and team on their game but not Turn 10. I wonder who's driving model is better as a simulation and not a flashy videogame?"

Probably iRacing or Assetto Corsa, you know, TRUE sim racers. You need to get out of your comfort zone, there is more than just the Xbox versus Playstation in the world. Forza does not have the real driving simulator written on the box like GT did. I never knew you could use your car as a pinball and have those kinds of physics in true sim racing like GT does.

Get yourself a driving wheel and come play on the PC if you want to experience true sim racing. No wonder GT keeps selling so well, so many out there never hold them accountable for anything.

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