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Where Is Joel In The Last Of Us 2?

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Shiken22h ago

I have a feeling they are going to pull a DMC4 here. You play the first 33% as Ellie, then you play about 33% as Joel, Then you finish the game as Ellie.

They touched up on that formula to a lesser extent with the full game, I could see them expanding on it in part 2. We know Joel is alive, and he plays just as major a role in the overarching franchise plot as Ellie. Do we really believe that he is just going to sit by idle and twiddle is thumbs while his "daughter" is out there on this quest for vengeance?

He will play a major role in this one way or another.

-Foxtrot23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Yeah I want an equal amount of each character for this game

I'm going to say the new religious looking group kill her girlfriend

"I'm going to of them"

She goes off on her own

The levels will split between Ellie and Joel

Ellie on her personal mission consumed by rage

Joel trying to find Ellie

-Foxtrot17h ago(Edited 17h ago)


Oh it probably will be but I'm guessing that's the general, early plot to get the story started.

I'm thinking that the religious nut jobs from the trailers are brand new and were created or came into more followers to become what they are today from ex-fireflies, who's leader was killed and most of them wiped out. Almost dissolving they either joint these people or some of them went a different way of thinking and gave birth to the group.

That would mean Joels decision and that Lie he told Ellie will really come to bite him on the ass...and if these people killed Ellie's girlfriend and she finds out Joel killing Marlene along with half the fireflies to save her in the first game gave birth to them then she'll blame him with her girlfriends death aswelll

You know...something like that. Most likely bullshit but it's a cool thought of Joels actions creating something far worse.

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