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What’s Left for Wii U Owners in 2016?

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"With Zelda to 2017, Nintendo has a big gap to fill in the Wii U holiday lineup. IGN's Nintendo crew discusses the dire situation."

What's Left for Wii U Owners in 2016?


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wonderfulmonkeyman1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Don't bother, man.
This article is filled with a plethora of ignorant Nintendo haters [not necessarily everyone here, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...] who never once gave the Wii U's library a fair rating.
Let's just be content with the fact that WE know the system has plenty of games worth buying it for, from Nintendo, indies, and a nice smattering of exclusives from third parties.
There's two or three decent multiplats as well, but since most of them were just badly done last-gen ports [which there's no excuse for due to the Wii U being powerful enough to handle last-gen ports], I don't really consider them worth mentioning in the same breath as the rest of the system's library.

wonderfulmonkeyman1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Not a single person here expects anything left for it for the rest of 2016.

If Nintendo does announce anything either at or after E3, even just one single new, unheard-of title, whether the haters think it's a good game or not, I'm going to be right back in here handing out plates of crow to those who were making an assumption way too early.
I'll even garnish them with those little sprigs of cilantro and plenty of SALT.:P

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