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What’s in the new Front Mission Evolved DLC?

Click here for the Front Mission Evolved DLC walkthrough

In case you haven’t checked the online store updates, Square Enix has provided two new DLC packs for Front Mission Evolved. No, not another bunch of Wanzers and weapons, that’s getting a little old. This time, it’s a new game mode and a new pack of maps for you to go crazy in. What’s in them, you ask?


The new game mode is “The Last Stand”. It’s essentially a survivor mode where you and another player will try to outlast each other against waves and waves of increasingly tough opponents. It can get a little tough on your own, so there’s support for cooperative play in both player and ranked matches.

The map pack, on the other hand, adds two new maps to the game – one is a desert-type battleground, while the other is a dock.

The Last Stand is now available for US$ 4.99, while it’s US$ 3.99 for the two maps.

Click here for the Front Mission Evolved DLC? walkthrough

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