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What Studios Should Microsoft Look at Acquiring?

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Sciurus_vulgaris2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Playground Games is the studio Microsoft should most logically purchase. Playground is a proven developer, I am very interested to see how the studios non-racing project (likely Fable). However,we don’t know if Playground wants to be bought. I would rather Microsoft enlarge the Coalition, 343i and Turn 10, and give creative freedom to the 3 studios.

Additionally, looking at how Sea of Thieves is being received. Rare need some new management or restructuring. It is unacceptable for Rare to be so inefficient when compared 343i, the Coalition and Turn 10. The latter studios make AAA games in 2-3 years and thier titles have a good amount of content and review well. Meanwhile, Rare over the cross of 3-4 years made a title with marginal content and a lower reception. Rare may have affectively killed their game from release....

I have high hopes for Ori 2 this year. I also have some interest in Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2. However, if the rumours of ‘Fable 4’ and the rebooted Perfect Dark aren’t true. The only true high production quality AAA games one could expect from MS would be Halo 6, Gears 5 and more Forza.

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