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What Phil Spencer’s promotion means for Xbox and gaming at Microsoft

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FallenAngel19841d 3h ago

"Commentators and speculators have called on Microsoft to spin off Xbox into its own entity or sell it on to another tech company, for some reason."

I never got this mentality. Microsoft originally got into the industry to build their consumer appeal in living rooms after they felt threatened by PlayStation's increasing influence.

After investing billions of dollars into making the brand a huge pillar in their company, there'd be very little reason and nothing to gain for Microsoft by selling it off.

Not to mention that with the Xbox brand so intrinsically tied into Windows, what other company would be willing to buy up said brand or even to spend billions in maintaining it? The association would always be a hindrance for any other company trying to make Xbox into their own thing & it'd be too costly to keep it running for as long.

Nitrowolf21d 3h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

Idk what the tone over at microsoft is now, but i know through the xbox og and 360, a lot of the higher execs simply didnt think it was worth it, and thought it would be better off sold. However this was a lot of the same opinion that the higher-ups over at Sony had when it came to the PlayStation brand during the PlayStation 1.

These opinions were most likely tide just the fact that these were probably Executives that wanted to keep a lot of the things the same, basically afraid of change and failure.

It's understandable, especially when companies were a lot younger two decades ago and making big changes to accommodate for modern technology advances.

I'd like to hear what the higher-ups over at Microsoft have to say about it now

AngelicIceDiamond10h ago

"Commentators and speculators have called on Microsoft to spin off Xbox into its own entity or sell it on to another tech company, for some reason."

"I never got this mentality." Same here it was just a narrative.

The narrative here was Phil was doing such a terrible job that ppl here speculated he'll get demoted or fired and get replaced. When in fact hes at a higher position now than Don ever was, and admittedly Don was very good at selling the 360 (despite lack of games)

Could the X1 use big new AAA games yes that's what we all want from MS now its obvious now that Phil has more responsibility to pump out more games and content than ever before and believe it or not at least MS is trying, Cuphead is out now Crackdown, Sea Of Thieves, Ori and the Willow, and State Of Decay release next year and yes that's not much compared to its competition but then again MS has less studios so yeah they're definitely trying. The latter half of the 360 life span we've seen NOTHING at all from Team Xbox then they weren't even trying. Sales wise was all on Don with its policy's The Xbox will never catch up to PS and that's fine MS just needs to stay focused on delivering new games and features. Its still funny ppl around here thought Phil was getting canned or replaced when they have no idea what goes on behind
the scenes, again I get it, we all get it, they need bigger newer AAA's but the gaming industry consists of more than that, though that's one of the top things on what keeps a buissness going.

News flash N4G this place is a echo chamber, MS, Sony, Nintendo or AAA companies don't read comments here especially a site swarmed of fanboys ( why put yourself through a never ending headache). Assume the worst when in fact the quite the opposite is happening, let it be a lesson.

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