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VR Vs. AAA Videogames & Their Publishers

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Apocalypse Shadow17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

Which has been said since the beginning. This version of VR will take *time* to grow. And developers and manufactures of the headsets know this. It's being compared to past attempts but past attempts never hit the consumer market or in any high volume.

As much as I love current VR, I know that it still needs improving. But I also know it's a double edge sword or catch 22. AAA developers won't make big games until more headsets are sold. But more headsets won't sell if games aren't there and price of admission is reduced.

But even with AAA developers not fully onboard so far, I'm still having a blast from the Indie scene. With Super Hot being my favorite. It may not have AAA production money behind it. But it's definitely AAA in fun factor and replay ability. It's not about money or length. "Is it fun?" Should always be the question. And it's #ella fun.

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