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Violent Video Games Thrown Out by Students in Protest Against Mass Shootings

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Tetsujin19h ago

Don't forget books, magazines, comics, listen to music, and life in general.

It reminds me of PETA wanting to ban Pokemon because it encourages Animal cruelty, and was laughed out of court. Uneducated people need to be reminded the media as a whole is not to blame at all, and 99% of these "school shootings" can easily be fixed by teachers and parents. It's bullying, teachers who are only out for a paycheck, and parents who do nothing are the ones to be erased. I don't hear about a lot of this in other countries, just the US. So what does that tell us about our system for the younger generation?

PhoenixUp11h ago

Why stop at videogames? If you’re against violence that much you might as well throw out every form of media that depicts violence, whether fictional or real.

Hell don’t even teach anything that has anything violent associated with it in school.

Doing this half measure and play pointless veto on videogames is in extremely bad taste.

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