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Trump’s Video Game Meeting Off to a Bad Start After Female ESRB President Referred to as “Mr”

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Anorexorcist1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

The sting of Crooked Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders and spending 250M plus (a good amount coming from benefactors from countries that viciously oppress women and Free Speech) on a campaign to cheat her way into the Presidency still burns for them.

Now they're relying on a Russian hooker currently in a Bangkok jail to feed their Russia Russia Russia Collusion obsession.

rainslacker53m ago

It was the white house that made the mistake. They called the president of the ESRB "Mr", while it is actaully a female, so should be "Ms."

If this causes a bad start to the discussion, then the ESRB needs to get it's priorities straight, because no one involved in the issue gives a sh*t, and I doubt the White House or Trump is going to be worried about it.

rainslacker49m ago(Edited 48m ago)

It's not socially typical to call someone by a job title outside of structured bureaucracies like governments, military establishments, or royal hierarchies. AFAIK, outside the military, the President is the only official person in the US who is referred to as "Mister President", or "Madame President" in the case of a woman. I don't actually think that's a law though, and a civilian can call them whatever they want. Plus I doubt any reasonable President would really be fussed about the social faux paux, because it's not really that big of a deal in most cases. It's usually used more as a sign of acknowledgement of respect anyhow.

I can't think of any English class that had me write an preamble addressment with a job title.

Anorexorcist1h ago

What's more ludicrous is how damn Desperate the anti-Trump media and their little swamp rats are to critique everything about him. And if they can't find anything, they just manufacture it (hence the title "Fake News") Do you remember Trump overfeeding fish in Japan???

The desperation is so pathetic, that now their dreams of Russian Collusion now hinge on a Russian hooker that is currently sitting in a Bangkok jail.

DiRtY1h ago

There is no desperation for bad news about Trump.

He just got sued from a porn star. His lawyer confirmed he paid $130,000 to make her silent about something he never did.

He wants to arm teachers, his son lost his top secret status at the white house, most of his advisers left him and he has the lowest ratings a president ever had.

But yeah, Fox News won't tell you that.

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