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What can I say about Tron, well first off being an actor myself I was thrilled to see a semi-family friend Jeff get a reprieve at the end of the film trailer for Tron: Legacy (oops was that a spoiler, can you have a spoiler for a trailer?) Well anyways, my father (the late “Kurt Garfield”) did a film called “Seven Hours till Judgement” with Beau Bridges (Jeff’s older brother) and needless to say it was a nice suprise seeing Jeff there in what appeared to be the position in Tron World as the MCP… *um, that stands for  ‘Master Control Program’ if i’m remembering that right, and of which was played by another of my favorite of all time actors David Warner. (Think “Evil” from Time Bandits).  

Anyway, Tron has certainly made it’s legacy known from the original very difficult and first ever puck controlled video game (that’s the spinny spinny thing you used to swindle around Kevin Flynn’s arms to take out all the spiders or the cone of the MCP and all the other stuff, but the coolest memory of my childehood was the room the people mover brought us through at Disneyland showing us the light cycle sequence as if we where right there.  It’s hard
to compare the thrill of that experience, unless of course, the new Tron Legacy film includes a 3D version of a comparable sequence, along with i’d ask for maybe 5 more minutes of it since it was just so darn cool!

Now to the game, we’ve seen ALOT of Disney Titles popping up lately, from the Pixar bunch to the bona fide cell painted variety, along with the return of Epic Mickey in all his mavericky Epic’ness.  🙂   But what about Tron
Evolution?  Is this game going to be fun for an old gamer like myself even though it’s only a 12+ rating?   Let’s me give me give my best objective opinion on this front.  If you haven’t watrched the trailer yet, it’s posted below and i’ll get into the gameplay aspects of what I believe is to come on the next page.

Now of course the video game trailer for the prequel to the Tron Legacy movie does start off with the most important thing that would and most likely make me desire purchasing this dual-decade novalty game
item.  The light cycles and those wierdo hammer head floating bad guy things, only this time in much more explicit detail.   Okay, it goes on to talk about the weapons (which we all remember, or maybe you don’t but
those frisbee’s that also glow), and the attack and thunder of the light cycles battling it out almost lost me.  Why?   Well in the original 80’s version you at least were protected inside a light cycle.  It magically
built around you by holding a bar and it closed up with you inside it with a nice window to protect you unless of course… you crash.

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