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Throwback Thursday – Revisiting GTA III

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RosweeSon2h ago

Such a great game I had to get the platinum now long after the ps2 classic version arrived on PS4 still a great even now love the soundtrack and everything about it. Vice city clearly bigger better and got the 80’s spot on and prob my fave of the trilogy gta3 a very close second and San Andreas as great as it is don’t get me wrong but 3rd for me great soundtrack and setting but too big and vast in places for no reason other than to say look how big we got 3 islands oh and hundreds of collectables (far too many) plus going to gym etc whilst a cool idea felt it was more like the annoying phone from gta4 come play darts 🙄 luckily GTA5 smashed it again as 4 is no bad game it’s bloody brilliant just not as good as 5 something wrong with the handling in 4 is just toned down and the game overall feels a lot more boring for it. Specially when your being hassled on the phone every 5 minutes. Such a brilliant series of games tho red dead should be great but GTA6 😱🤭😜

micbrc11m ago

I just replayed 4 given its the 10th anniversary and it's honestly much better in the story department when you take both DLC episodes In to consideration given how well thought out everything was and the thousands of little intricate story details I didn't see until my recent playthrough I've changed my mind completely and position it as my favourite GTA game.

Also graphics wise it shows just how far ahead rockstar was in 2008 compared to other studios.

GTA v is incredible in its own right but there's some loose ends where as GTA 4 had all is ends tied

bloop20m ago

I don't think I could ever decide on what my favourite game of all time is, but GTA III would probably get it. For me, nothing has come close to that experience, loading it up for the first time, not really knowing much about it, then still sitting on the edge of my seat nearly 10 hours later at 7 the next morning bleary eyed and telling myself to go to bed because I just couldn't put it down. In my 35+ years of gaming I've never been so blown away playing a game for the first time. Without doubt my favourite gaming moment of all time.

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