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The Nintendo Switch Won 2017, PlayStation 4 a Close Second

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badz14912m ago(Edited 4m ago)

LOL another Nintendo fanboy so detached feom reality and declared the Switch won 2017. So funny...NOT!

"You can't simply judge by metacritic scores. I mean the Switch had two of the best games EVER come out in the span of 7 1/2 months. There are also games that in my view, like Xenoblade 2, which are better than Metacritic gives it credit for. Also Splatoon has had a ton of updates and added features since it was reviewed. So that's not always accurate."

There no bias at all here /s

The only thing the Switch has over the PS4 this year is 2 highly rated games but the PS4 still have over 2 times the amount of games rated over 75 on Meta. You can't simply ignore Meta and then say things like

"...the Switch had two of the best games EVER come out in the span of 7 1/2 months."

That is contradictory to your ignoring of the Meta you said previously. You are bias as hell.

Talking facts alone, aside from having over 2 time the amount of games over 75 on Meta, the PS4 sold more units, sold more software, release more games overall and have more exclusives than the Switch. were also declaring the Switch as the winner because it had a record year? That's why I said you are bias as hell. The PS4 had a record year as well.

DialgaMarine8m ago(Edited 7m ago)

I still believe if Pokemon Switch is a new gen, then we won’t see it until late 2019 at the earliest. Pokemon gens are never less than 3 years apart, and Sun and Moon are only a year old. Metroid I imagine is still in early development. We’ll likely see games like TLoU 2 and Death Stranding launch before Metroid, which is saying something about far off it is.

I agree though. There is apparently Animal Crossing, which is popular, but doesn’t necessarily push hardware. It sounds like Nintendo might be trying to push out some new IP’s, but more often than not, their new IP’s typically don’t see commercial success, especially not their non-traditional ones. It seems Splatoon has been the only exception to that rule in the last 15 years. Same story goes for third party titles with them.

Switch will continue doing well, no doubt, but I still wonder if they’re starting to get ahead of themselves each time they raise their sales forecast.

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