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The DICE Lessons; Never Make Fun of Call of Duty

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OrangePowerz3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

You should really boot up CoD3 if you think the graphics look the same.

Even if it would be accurate it's unprofessional behaviour. They should let their game speak and not behave like some teenage fanboys.

There is no denying they have a sweet engine with Frostbite, but that doesn't account for much when their last 2 mainline games where broken for a long time and BF4 taking 6 month to get to a state where it's playable without constantly crashing or lagging. You didn't see the CoD devs going on Twitter making fun of how incredibly broken and unplayable BF4 was.

The online gaming community and "media" is already shit enough, we shouldn't have devs sink to the same level.

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