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The Axeman Cometh. Is Phil Spencer the Wrong Man for Xbox?

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gangsta_red1h ago(Edited 52m ago)

Very good article and I agree.

Phil is doing the best he can with what he has been given and even though he has retconned a lot of the many blunders the console had at launch it seems the only uphill battle he now has to face is the "where are the games?" stigma that has been attached to Xbox. Other than that the Xbox has turned around real nicely and it has been under his watch.

"Let’s assume for the moment that Scalebound was terrible."

And here's the thing, the game supposedly had a lot of problems, from the engine not working properly, to framerate drops. It is said that the game just couldn't function right on the Xbox console. I keep reading from some on here that MS should have just released it...could you just imagine the backlash if that would have happened?

MS's games get scrutinized enough (all games do but...) Xbox games gets a special type of scrutiny not found on any other system. I can only imagine the articles and fan(boy) reaction if Scalebound released with technical issues and a meta score anywhere below 85.

Phil has been upfront and vocal on what he wants to do with Xbox, he answers tweets and keeps himself pretty accessible to Xbox fans. That alone IMO is what I can appreciate about the guy, who else in this console business does this as much as he does?

I wouldn't have had a huge issue with Scalebound being canceled if there was at least something else similar (action type game) coming in from MS for Xbox.

"The name will be etched on the Xbox memorial wall alongside Fable Legends, Phantom Dust and Project Spark."

Who is the R & D head guy at MS? Maybe we should be asking Phil this question before we all drop him into a pit of boiling acid. Who is green lighting these games and then finding out two to three years later when the game is in beta that it wasn't fun or technically possible on Xbox? That team or guy should be the one to be fired.

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