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Tekken 7’s First Guest DLC Character Is Geese Howard From Fatal Fury, King of Fighters

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Such an awesome announcement! Although I am baffled why SNK does this kind of thing - first Mai guesting in DOA5, now Geese in Tekken 7. Are they trying to call attention to the fact that King of Fighters XIV looks way worse than other fighting games?

Oh well; on the flipside, maybe its giving them a good visual target to shoot for with the next game. Maybe Samurai Shodown VII will run on Unreal 4 and look as good as their competitors' games? One can dream crossing fingers

Still, its hard to find a guest character both as cool as Akuma and someone who could seriously threaten Heihachi and Kazuya in this World, but Geese Howard is an EXCELLENT choice, and I'm definitely looking forward to checking him out in the future!

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