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Tactics Ogre helps PSP stay on top of the Japanese charts

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The latest Japanese sales figures are in, and we got the numbers! Thanks to the release of Square Enix’s latest strategy RPG, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, which debuted on top of the software sales charts, the PSP has secured its lead as the best selling system in the Japanese market.

A remake of the Super Famicom title, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, was the number one selling game for the week ending November 14, with 176,153 units sold. Taking the second spot is Namco Bandai latest Dragon Ball title, Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2, with 47,610 units, followed by Nintendo’s 25th anniversary offering, Super Mario Collection Special Pack. Rounding off the top five is the still standing Pokemon Black & White at number four and Konami’s Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery which debuted at the fifth position.

Here’s Media Create’s full software sales chart for the week ended November 14, with last week’s sales in parentheses:

Tactics Ogre (Square Enix, PSP): 176,153Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 (Namco Bandai, PS3): 47,610Super Mario Collection Special Pack (Nintendo, Wii): 43,621 (527,710)Pokemon Black & White (Pokemon, DS): 42,279 (4,410,996)Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery (Konami, DS): 40,208God Eater Burst (Namco Bandai, PSP): 31,372 (356,356)Winning Eleven 2011 (Konami, PS3): 30,353 (301,420)Wii Party (Nintendo, Wii): 17,471 (1,191,223)Wii Sports Resort Wiimote Plus Pack (Nintendo, Wii): 14,438Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Nintendo, Wii): 13,896 (187,778)Tamagotchi no Narikiri Challenge (Namco Bandai, DS): 10,517Radiant History (Atlus, DS): 10,018 (42,825)God of War: Ghost of Sparta (SCE, PSP): 9,406Fallout New Vegas (Bethesda, PS3): 7,133 (44,382)Love Banchou Love is Power (Idea Factory, PSP): 6,397Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Edition (Microsoft, X360): 5,684Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (Square Enix, DS): 5,391 (162,864)Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo, Wii): 5,244 (2,111,749)Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 (Namco Bandai, PS3): 5,050 (96,382)Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition PS3 the Best (Capcom, PS3): 5,035

Click here for the Tactics Ogre PSP walkthrough


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