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Switch Hardware is a Strong Step Up From Wii U, but Much Else Worries

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RSKnight1h ago

It looks it will be like the jump from Gamecube to the Wii, slightly more power and focused on motion controls. I've already experienced that and to be honest I didn't like it. I bought Zelda Twilight Princes for the Wii when it was released in November 2006 (also had a Gamecube), and a few years later when I got to play it again but on the Gamecube without all the motion bullshit I enjoy it so much better. If I had a Wii U (thank God I don't) I wouldn't buy a Switch to play Zelda BotW. But I'm not buying a Switch either, at least not until 2018, I have no problem waiting to see if it's worth it before spending my money.

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