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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Announced, All Updates Will Be Free for Existing Owners

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At least I will be able to play it now. And Capcom knows a simple Arcade Mode should be free or the outrage would have been worse. As an early adopter I would have liked a bit more from them: some FM, a free character, Season Pass discount or getting this content before it goes retail.

@sinalefa Why, you have had the game up to 2 whole years before those who would buy the "Arcade Edition." Do you also want free stuff from other companies that produce complete editions? I'm not crying because I would have to pay for the DLC for Nioh while others can just buy the upcoming Complete Edition and get everything included.

You have had a lot of opportunities over the past two years to earn extra FM from Capcom.

I am not talking about DLC. I am talking about the most basic mode in any fighting game, that somehow took 2 years to implement. If Capcom had told us before release that they would be skipping Arcade Mode for 2 years then I would have avoided it.

I dont want free things but I paid full price so I expect my games not to be barebones. I am not buying more games from Capcom at launch.

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