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State of Decay 2’s $29.99 Price Could Be the Future of Microsoft Exclusives

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theXtReMe13h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I agree that at $60, it may not have sold well. Especially with the announcement of its inclusion in Game Pass. Simply because, you could pay for Game Pass for a month or two or five and see if it fits you. Its one of those games that is sitting right on the threshold of greatness. The first game was good, though limited in scope. This game is fixing that. And until people actually see and know that themselves, they aren’t going to spend $60 to find out. At $30, it becomes a throwaway. A register buy for those looking for something new and different. A full retail game, cheap.

Which I think is the point. Make it tempting at the register, then coast off of word of mouth hype.

Lets face it... the game looks great. IGNs play-through yesterday showed off 4 player co-op and the choices you can make in between killing zombies. Like finding survivors and rescuing them, or not. Adding them to your encampment and community, to help better your situation(again, or not). Finding weapons and items of use along the way. Breaking into stores and those stores housing their unique items. Houses that can be used as shelter or simply as a means to find more items or food. Homes that may or may not be housing hostile(or friendly, or something in between) survivors that can help or hurt you.

The caveat is that the world looks, acts and feels real. Like your own home town has been invaded and you are doing what you can to survive, by using your surroundings and the items in it... to your advantage. Making due and rebuilding your community, your world, your life. While trying to survive those infected and other humans with not so great intentions.

IGNs video showed something in the game that other games haven’t had this gen: Physics and awesome, realistic AI. Not to mention a real-time lighting and weather system. It all adds up to, what should be, one incredible game that should be one of the biggest bargains gamers have ever received. Combining near every genre into one cohesive game. This is all before DLC hits, which should last the rest of the generation and hopefully into next.

There’s a lot to get excited for in this game. I love survival games that take fantastical situations and thwart them into reality. This game is all of that and more, allowing you to make it whatever you want it to be. You could play as a mass murderer and just kill everyone. Making you the biggest threat in the game. Though, remember... your actions are irreversible and death is permanent.

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