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State of Decay 2 – First Impressions – Xbox Tavern

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CloudStrife90042m ago

Look, I totally understand that it's not for everyone. I've made no excuses for it since launch. I quite like it, yes it's empty and yes it's lacking in diversity, but it is a good game. The expectations that have yet to be reached is that many (myself included) expected more, much more.

This will be delivered in time via the three DLCs and further. Until then and in my honest opinion, I'll say it again, expectations have yet to be reached. The first two paragraphs of that preview practically bash MS left, right and center. You choose half a phrase, one that's marginally positive, and run with that?

I fully repsect your opinion so please don't think otherwise, but let's not make this about Sea of Thieves when it doesn't need to be. I'm quite happy to have that discussion in private.

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