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Zeke681m ago

"We can't imagine it being game-breaking, and that's why we're tentatively awarding the game a well-earned high score; we just wish that the microtransactions were limited to cosmetic items only, as the current system leaves a question mark hanging over the prognosis of an otherwise excellent sci-fi shooter."

Basing a score on a guess don't seem serious to me, why not wait and play the REAL version that we consumers are meant to pay for and put score on the "real deal". Gamereactor just lost another reader in me, this must be a joke.
I do what every other consumer should do. I don't buy this game before EA unlocks ALL content currently locked behind pay-to-win-walls and play Wolfenstein 2 or whatever you fancy meanwhile. And the "new" tuning with about 10+ hours to unlock each hero and with X number of heroes will take hundreds of hours just to unlock, but those should be unlocked but regular gameplay, not endless farming to push us into the MT trap.
My advice is, buy and play Wolfenstein 2 or something else and let EA and BF2 rot in the anti-consumer hell.
Can believe how many reviewers that chicken out and give this 8 and 9s when its filled with this shit tbh. Now many gaminsites show their true colors on MT's, thats for sure.

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