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Sony’s New Policy for Trophies is a Positive Step

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Sorry if i'm wrong, but are you saying Sony must comply as soon as there is demand for it? That is not funny at all running a business this size forces you to think way ahead before complying with things that can give you problems in the future.. even when we check reviews for good games not everyone goes out after watching it and buy the game/product... sometimes we just have to give time.

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See this is why I don't know why Nintendo never got their act together, made a proper online system for the Switch and merged the old Nintendo Stars program to their games. It seems like you could easily evolve this over time. Nintendo could have done it a step further by...

Redeem the game on the online store showing them you've bought the game brand new, supporting them

Gain Star Points which would merge with points gained off the Nintendo Achievement systems (Stars, Coins, Stamps)

Select the stuff you are aiming towards so you can always see it and save up

Buy the thing and get it shipped to your address

Would have been really unique to the console. I mean those Mario Kart 8 trophy replicas were amazing and could have been even something like "Complete all Stamps within a month to be put in a draw to win a Mario Kart Mushroom cup replica"

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