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Sony Reckons Next Year Can Top Its Impressive 2017

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I doubt it and even then you have to come to the realization that these games Sony announced may take anywhere from 3-5 years... I mean they can still do another one of those since now they don’t really know when PS5 will happen... Heck Sony is finally getting to the end of those games they announced years ago... in terms of announced releases for the most part... (Dreams, Shenmue 3, KH3 are still lingering I still am skeptical on 2018 for KH3, FF7R)

In the realms of games... sure...

Well I'm glad to hear this. I thought it was impressive too, but I didn't have a leg to stand on.

I started way back in the 90s with PlayStation. Then picked up a ps2. I still to this day have never even touched a ps3 controller. Not out of spite, but I was busy doing work and life stuff. So I bought a PS4 almost a year ago today, and man what a year to start. There has been so much to offer. I've been particularly impressed with re7, horizon, Madden 18, uncharted, crash remake...

And so looking forward to not a hero dlc, frozen wilds, days gone, god of war, spider Man. Probably more that I'm forgetting. What a time to come back though...

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