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Sony Pledges Big PS4 Reveals for Paris Games Week

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@PS_Nation As others have mentioned the game was only published by Sony outside of Japan. I'm approaching 200 hours on it. By the time the 'complete' edition hits on BOTH PC & PS4 I'll be at 250-300 hours. I'm hardly going to get salty about a game I got so much enjoyment out of going to another platform a year after it's launch. Does Sony pay for timed exclusivity? Yes- just like every other platform holder. However, often a game is exclusive to a certain platform because the developer/publishers wishes it to be, due to economic reasons or otherwise. 2 of the examples you mentioned: Yakuza and Persona are exclusive to PlayStation only because Sega/Atlus wants them to be (Shin Megami Tensai is exclusive to Nintendo).

Things can change just like how Monster Hunter World will not be on Nintendo.
Let's just chose to play the games at the platform we care to support.
Also as a fan of Nioh I want the game to be as successful as possible.

As for games i'd like to see:
-Until Dawn 2 announcement (would be timely)
-Sly Cooper (Remake, Remaster or new game)
-Dreams story mode
-3/4 BIG PSVR game reveals

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