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Sony Bundles PS4 Pro with Five Games and Matches Xbox One X’s Price

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PS4 Pro Hardware Bundle Collection 1

An Xbox Exclusive is still an 'Exclusive' if you also need a 'virtual' Xbox to play it. Granted you don't need a Microsoft built console to play it but you do need a Microsoft 'Xbox' profile, a Microsoft Win10 OS and buy from the same 'Microsoft' store that's on the Xbox. Its still a Microsoft exclusive and whether you need a 'console' or PC to run it, you need to be a Microsoft customer. Its still a 'Console' exclusive, Still a MS exclusive (can't play it on just any PC) and MS are still catering to their 'customer' base. Why should MS ignore their massive PC users just for the sake of a few more console sales. All that does is make those MS PC users feel left out, ignored etc. It doesn't change the fact that you either need to buy a windows 10 (ie a Microsoft powered) PC or Xbox to play MS games.

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