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Sony Bundles PS4 Pro with Five Games and Matches Xbox One X’s Price

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PS4 Pro Hardware Bundle Collection 1

And I can name more Xbox Exclusives than are in this bundle. Whilst 'some' may be on PC too, They are ONLY available if you sign up to a win10 'xbox' profile and buy from the 'Microsoft store' - the same store that is on Xbox consoles. In fact if you already have an Xbox profile and buy a win10 PC, you can sign in to MS and play MS games on that PC as a 'virtual' Xbox console. After all, the original concept for Xbox was to be a games focused PC in 'console' form. Now MS are basically building in a 'Virtual Xbox' into Win10 PC's for Win10 gamers to play those 'Xbox' games on their virtual Xbox PC's. Its not like any PC gamer has access - just because they have a PC. They still have to have a Xbox profile and buy from the MS digital store so MS benefit because all the PC gamers must have MS OS and buy direct from MS too. If Sony had the main OS for PC's, It would make sense that their 'exclusives' were offered to PC gamers who bought Sony's OS, signed up and created a PS profile to Sony's PSN, and could only buy directly from Sony's store - the same store essentially as on PS4. I really don't see this as a negative - opening up your games to ALL MS gamers whether that's on Hardware built by MS or not. In fact the hardware is often made by the same people that make PC components - AMD APU, Seagate HDD, etc Not sure who makes the Bluray player but I bet Sony get some money from it. MS may assemble these but like a PC, the components can be from various other companies - Sony is the same too. It doesn't always make every component in their hardware either - and some are 'stock' components too. In their A1 OLED TV, the screen is made by LG.

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