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Some Savvy Publishers Are Now Using Trophies to Sell Ads

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Colonel Sanders WWE PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Yeah, I can see your point. The trophies appears to be typical trophy-fare tasks to do, so they probably haven't detracted or overly affected game design at this point. The linking and naming of these trophies to the sponsor is a little bit of a stretch though. (In fact, if they really wanted to be cute, I would have done these trophies the other way around and named the first one: "Doing reversals on you is so easy, it makes me snicker" for the 3 reversals in a match, and the second one; "Winner, winner, chicken dinner - KFC" for the winning 50 matches. I mean geez people, if you're going to shoehorn the product promo in then be a little more creative 😆)
In the end, I fine with these wrestling and sports games pandering to sponsors since I don't play them. It doesn't affect me. I just worry about the future of it if corporate money starts affecting our games. So if 2K wants to do this in their sports games - so be it, but if it puts some out of place trophy in Borderlands 3 called "Cleared out the Golden Arches Bandit Camp" with a logo of McDonalds for the trophy image, then I'm going to seriously reconsider my hobby.

Maybe I should be offended by this, but I'm not. Advertising is a part of sports, so naturally it pops into sports games. Even if it looks out of place in out trophy cabinets.

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