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Size does matter, PSP2 NGP got BIG!


The PSP2 finally got here yesterday and Sony is labeling it the Next Generation Portable. Demonstrated for the very first time from an exclusive function in Tokyo, the NGP includes a variety of sizzling fresh spankin’ new capabilities and high profile advantage technological innovation, all included in the recognizable style and design. Presently there is significantly more to be learned about the NGP, however probabilities are not too much more will be revealed until the latter portion of this year. Sony has unveiled the individual specifications of the NGP, that we may evaluate with various other gadgets to obtain a birds eye view and sense the dimensions and potential weight of the approaching portable.


Measuring at 7.17-inches wide, 3.28-inches tall, and 0.73-inches thick, the NGP is a massive handheld by today’s standards. When compared to the PSP-3000, which measures at 6.69-inches wide, 0.75-inches thick, and 2.8-inches tall, the NGP seems only marginally bigger, but when viewed alongside the PSPgo, it seems like a beast. Sony’s uber-portable PSP, the PSPgo is just 5-inches wide, 0.65-inches thick, and 2.6-inches tall.

The NGP is also notably larger than its direct competitor in the handheld market, the Nintendo 3DS, which measures at 5.3-inches wide, 0.8-inches thick, and 2.9-inches tall. The DSi, on the other hand, shares similar dimensions to the 3DS at 5.25-inches wide, 0.83-inches thick, and 2.83-inches tall.


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