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Should You Stop Buying Games at Launch?

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Seraphim1h ago

this is one exception. games releasing late in the year are always available for $30-40 around Black Friday. Because of this I personally try avoiding games later in the year and wait until Black Friday. That is unless it's a game I really want to play and don't have anything I want to play atm. Even then sometimes I'll dig something up to hold me over.

To the point. with Amazon and the internet it really is a bit of a waste to buy games right away. 1-3 months later the game is $30-40. Also with all this GaaS and DLC it really would be best to wait. Instead of picking up a game and being done with and bored after a month, at best, if you waited there would be more content; at least in some cases.

Personally, despite the benefits and points one could make I'll continue buying games at launch. There's always going to be some that I decide to hold off on for whatever reason/s. But a good majority of what I play will be pre-ordered, owned & more likely than not played on Day 1.

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