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Should You Buy Forza 7 for PC?

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crazychris41241d ago (Edited 23h ago)

You need to stop eating moldy bread, its effecting your brain.The stuff they used to give us now costs us credits and real world money.

-VIP bonuses are now a 1 time deal when they were always a permanent boost.
-Lied about it on store page, changed it when they were caught
-You no longer get CR from higher difficulty and less assists,
-Mods only from prize crates, used to get them from races
-Cant just buy outfits, mods you want, have to get lucky with crates
-Pretty much need mods to get decent amount of CR, have to spend CR to unlock mods
-100+ cars locked from store in special events and tier rewards (cool idea but way too many cars are locked)
-Only certain tracks have day/night and weather

Game was built around microtransactions. Stop rewarding these companies for anti gamer practices, its only getting worse. I love the Horizon series way more but the way were heading FH4 wheelspins and drivers are only going to come from crates and 20% of the cars will be locked from the store behind events and tier rewards.

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