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Should the PS5 Feature Backwards Compatibility?

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DigitalRaptor6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

It's not a matter of "should".

It will. PS3 games didn't happen this gen because of the Cell's complexity. It was circumstantial. I like what Sony has done with PS1/PS2 remakes this gen but I think they've already exhausted the most popular ones.

PS4 has a community that Sony won't want to fracture going into PS5. They have much more to lose by not offering it day one on PS5, than offering a few remasters on next-gen. It's be ridiculously stupid not to not at the bare minimum include PS4 backwards compatibility. If anything, I'm expecting PS5 to work like XB1X and have built-in improvements to last-gen games, as well as developers making PS5 patches for the latest PS4 games.

Chaosdreams11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

It should, as it would prove to be a considerate acknowledgement of the time/money spent during the ps4's reign. With backwards compatibility gamers could hop over onto their ps5, play their games with perhaps beefed graphics (for example, ps4 pro graphic enhancements on the ps4 games) and it would ease them into the transition of ps5 games without their ps4 backlog waving at them.

- Gamer sees ps5 is coming out with backwards compatibility. Looks at games he/she currently owns, decides to transition over because they can still play them, thus increasing the value of the ps5.
- Gamer sees ps5 is coming out but it doesn't have backwards compatibility. Looks at games he/she currently owns and decides that the ps5 can wait a year or two more at the bare minimum.

The ps4 has sold incredibly well, if Sony wants that instalment base to transition over smoothly, backwards compatibility is the key. Especially when games can be played digitally.

Having access and the ability to play games from multiple generations is a popular concept, and while the ps4 has a lot of remasters and PS Now (as there isn't backwards compatibility) I feel that it would be a serious mistake to take the exact same approach with the ps5.

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