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Rumor: PlayStation 5 is on the way, dev kits have already been shipped

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gamingunited6m ago

Ok, let me explain, Xbox S and X play the same games because they have the same basically the same CPU. You can dial down graphics all you want by lowering resolution, shadows, textures ect. But the CPU doesn't scale backwards like that. If next gen games have more advanced AI or as you see with PUBG more players on screen the CPU will become a huge bottle neck to the point of not being able to handle a game at all..

At some point there will be a generational change regardless of what Phil says.

As for 2020 for the next Xbox if that's the case Microsoft will be taking a huge loss on the X. Xbox only sold 8 million consoles total last year at best. Even if sales don't drop off as the generation continues (which they will) In 2020 Microsoft will only have sold around 10-12 million X's. After all the R&D and marketing the X will be a huge financial loss for Microsoft.

The X was an entirely new console the CPU is custom new the MB was brand new the GPU is a new design, buying all those parts and retooling factories is expensive. X was expensive and basically everyone in the industry has said it's even being sold at a loss. Given all that it seems extremely unlikely Microsoft will be so willing to take another big risk like an expensive console so soon.

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