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Review: Gran Turismo Sport | The Digital Fix

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moldybread1d 6h ago

"Until you get away from the bottom the system doesn’t work. Even if it is fair and everything works properly you still have to deal with those who can’t drive taking you out. It can be a slow process getting up the ranks into races with better groups. It’s imperfect and perhaps no alternative would work better but given the focus on sportsmanship ahead of racing it’s a shame that it can cause such teething problems for anyone’s fledgling career."

This is a problem for any game that tries to monitor behaviours online. It is never done well in the end even if it has good intentions. The problem I see is anyone new to the game after awhile will be a real challenge for them.

The game has basically become an online only title.

andrewsquall1h ago

And you basically pick and choose what games being, an online focused title, is the way forward for the industry or not.

Moldy logic:
3rd party developer Rockstar focusing on online stuff going forward and to riddle their future games with microtransactions = AWESOME.

Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo Sport has an online focus as announced at its debut but doesn't have microtransactions = BAD.

You can't pick and choose moldy, just stop flip flopping and contradicting yourself at every turn.

For me, because of this game's massive online focus, I'm simply not bothered with it and have no intentions of touching it, just like I have no intentions of touching a game like PUBG when it comes to PS4.

You also argue that Nintendo "are the only console manufacturer that can do exclusives right" or some crap like that. Did you just forget about the failure of a console, the Wii U lol? This is the console before Switch that had exclusives that sold more than ANY Xbone exclusive this gen and still failed because it didn't have the 3rd party support ALSO to back it up.
The Wii U proved exclusives NEVER matter more than 3rd party games, they are both needed to do well, as Switch is starting to prove but still needs to keep its sale momentum going which is going to be tough considering most people who want one, have one now.

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