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Review: Expand (PS4)

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Expand Rev 4

Expand is a puzzle game of sorts. An intriguing mixture of the classic board game and mazes, the title offers a pleasant mixture of challenge and relaxation. You control a square as you have to navigate the monochromatic mandala-esque mazes while avoiding the red “danger” areas. The manner in which you have to do this varies from level-to-level, as sometimes the maze will get warped or react to you moving versus others where the challenge is built more around precise timing. There are four of these types of levels, and then a fifth final one that combines all of the previous ideas into one grand finale. Your goal is to collect a pink “quadrant” from each of the four levels, which then unlocks that fifth and final one. You are also able to play those levels in whichever order you see fit, though the challenge felt pretty much equal across the board, just emphasising different mechanics.

Expand Rev 5

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