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Report: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launching With Only 11 Maps and 4 Are Remakes

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Nemop43m ago

As someone who would play the campaigns for only a couple hours, I am happy that this game has replaced the campaign with a BR gamemode completely different than anything they have tried to do in the past. The fact that it has 3 zombies maps at launch is also a huge plus. Obviously I would like more maps, but I honestly think this is the best value COD game in a while. As someone who spends 10x as much time in MP as I do in Campaigns I will gladly take 11 MP maps, a BR gamemode, and 3 zombies maps over the usual lineup.

TheUndertaker8519m ago

“Four Remade Maps:

Firing Range




It’s awkward those maps aren’t confirmed for Black Ops 4 yet they’re being offered for Black Ops 3 a season Black Ops 4 preorder incentives...

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