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Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Likely Be Rife with Microtransactions

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I am no expert in business, so I won’t pretend to be one, but I just know good service and value when I see it. When I go out and spend my hard earned cash, I like to feel appreciated and I want to feel like a got a good deal. I like the waiter at the restaurant to smile and say thank you and ask what else I need, I like the retailer where I buy my clothes to bend over backwards and show me some appreciation and give me my options when I spend money in their store, etc., etc. This Zelnick guy’s dialog to the gamer is like the restaurant owner coming out and saying, “I hope you like the meal, because we try to make you want more. In fact, I’d like to offer you desert for a few extra dollars because I can make some more money from you that way.” Does he want to make the money from me? Of course. But once the consumer realizes he is only being played for more money, the quality of the experience goes to pot. All I’m saying is that at the end of the day, we pay these guys salaries. The least they could do is feign that they want to serve the gamers who keep them in their penthouses. The practice of microtransactions is not necessarily my beef with this quote— I understand they are profitable and help keep developers employed —but it’s the gall of the guy to insult me as consumer and openly say his whole motivation is to try to trick the players into doing something that he can “monetize.” Again, tell that to the shareholders. I want to hear him simply say, “We want to produce an engaging world they keep coming back to and will want to feel is a good value, so we are dedicated to produce the best game possible for the players with constant updates that will motivate them to stay playing with us for many quality hours.” Or something like that.

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