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Ratings Board Rules That Loot Boxes in Games Aren’t a Form of Gambling

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Common sense (and personal responsibility) has to apply somewhere... I think most would consider gambling as a process of chance / attempt at getting something for nothing (i.e. more than what you invested, with a possibility of losing that money / getting nothing in return)... However, a randomised product GUARANTEES you get at least 5 of whatever it is for your money, with the chance that one of those 5 things are rarer (not necessary more valuable) than the other 4...

Sorry, not sure I agree. The dictionary definition of gambling is: ''Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. Gambling thus requires three elements be present: consideration, chance and prize''.

I dont really see how loot boxes dont fulfil these criteria. Yes its similar to say football stickers, pogs, whatever else we bought growing up; and those blind bag lego mini figures you can buy now; just because its acceptable/legal to package them up and sell to kids, it is still gambling; taking a chance. You are staking money on the hope you get something new or rare (a shiny sticker, rare loot, etc).

I cant help but think that not making companies put controls in to restrict this kind of thing leads us down a dangerous path. I have never bought a loot box personally, but I have a child who will inevitably grow up having these kind of things promoted in her face from a young age in games and encouraged to think it is normal; which will inevitably lead to these kind of practices being seen as ok in 'the real world'. Very concerning and i dont like it at all.

I should point out that I in no way feel we should be banning them, or scrapping cards, stickers etc. Collecting and trying to get a complete set of something etc is exciting, and enjoyable. But we need proper controls in place with things like loot boxes. And certainly in the case of loot boxes, all content should be readily available to earn through skill in a game and not locked behind a paywall. And if you get duplicate equipment etc (I fundamentally disagree with digital duplicates for money - the game knows nicely what you have in your inventory), then you should be able to swap or trade it with other players for stuff you do need - just like you can with stickers etc.

@dryrain That would mean boycotting most big games this year lol. And even if we did boycott these games, we're still going to have kids gambling their parents money on them anyways, meaning we're stuck with lootboxes anyways. I do think it's pretty much gambling but for me it's more the fact that they're just ruining games making them harder to play unless you buy these loot boxes which I'll never bother with myself because just ruins the experience, the whole point is your meant to earn this stuff by playing the game not spending money, getting lucky and having a massive advantage over players or rushing through the games because of these.

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