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PUBG PS4 Planned as Bluehole Targets All Platforms

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How can it not???
Have you seen PUBG running???
I think it’s more a question of When than How.
Is there some illusion that the Switch is running a similar spec to the Wii???

Even if, for arguments sake, the graphical fidelity was an issue, it’s irrelevant. Online gaming doesn’t demand graphical parity, it is merely the exchange of command inputs being exchanged over a network.

Simple example:
Street Fighter V runs on PS4 and a HUGE range of PC hardware with varying performance. Doesn’t change the online aspect one bit.
In addition, all PC games run online with high end running with low end seemlessly in the online experience.

The Seitch is selling as fast as the PS4 did and a developer adding another 10 million (and rapidly growing) user base to their potential pool of consumers and gamers would certainly be in their interest and serve only to make one of the biggest and most inclusive online multiplayer’s ever.

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