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PUBG PS4 Planned as Bluehole Targets All Platforms

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@themcnoisy I think you're thinking of the Gamescom crates that were there for a limited time. That really angered the community, and I don't know what they were thinking then. They've walked them back since then and nothing like that has appeared in the game. I was one of those guys on the Steam forums, and there were a lot. I'd certainly drop the game like a bag if dirt of they implemented that again.

I don't personally consider the Steam Marketplace a place for microtransactions because the the dev only gets about 10% of the sale and people you can make Steam Wallet credit to buy other games (I bought a couple games with a plaid shirt I sold), but I I can see how that's the same principle.

It certainly isn't as egregious as AAA MTX, but I agree it is sort of a slippery slope.
And I absolutely agree that any MTX (I'd even say DLC) in an Early Access game is complete bull.

@YummyHappyPills So I had to look up Life of Black Tiger, given your obvious love for the game and the reviews on Metacritic are hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh today. The 1/10 official review from that one website had me in stitches, and then all the 10/10 [sarcastic] reviews from players just puts it over the top. 🤣
The internet never fails.
But yeah, the quality control guy at the PlayStation Store falls asleep at the wheel occasionally too. But apparently Chang Ho Kim from Bluehole feels Sony’s standards are stricter than most. His words, not mine. Clearly he hasn’t played Life of Black Tiger (which I am tempted to now download just out of sick curiosity) 😂

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